pocket lawyer

julie warshaw, stephanie spurbeck

a fortunate seat-belt incident

Why do I find myself liking unpopular TV Land original sitcoms? Hot in Cleveland is so terrible, I want to punch myself in the face. But Retired at 35 or The Exes? Love ’em. (Well, I don’t hate them.) And they’re awful. I’m a sucker for the three camera set-up and a studio audience. A studio audience tells me when to laugh. Oh sure, I’ll watch Modern Family, but I laugh uneasily. How do I know that I’m laughing at the right parts? I don’t. I watch TV Land’s The Exes and I get to watch Newman, the black kid from Scrubs/Clueless and some dude share an apartment owned by their neighbor/landlord, the chick from 3rd Rock from the Sun whose BFF is Alan’s receptionist from Two and a Half Men. I like that it’s called The Exes. It stars network sitcom backwash and one dude who can’t wait to list the show on his resume. And there’s a studio audience.

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