i write good.

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Enthusiastic writer and re-writer of digital copy, specializing in eCommerce and arguably hilarious lifestyle articles. Detail-obsessed editor who adheres to the rules of grammar and AP style unless there’s a really spectacular reason not to. Dog-rescuer. Opinion-giver. User-of-hyphens. Passionate supporter of the serial comma. Creative copywriter who knows a little bit about a lot things and how to Google everything else.

Check out 100 Words a Day to see what this nuanced writer manages to do both prolifically and sporadically during her down time. (Spoiler: it’s write.)

julie warshaw

julie warshaw, phish, paypalI like to help my friends with their web stuffs and figured that the world could benefit from my brain nuggets too, so here’s my professional opinion – sort of brought to you by PayPal, the global leader in digital payments and the signer of my paychecks.
Julie’s guide to local SEO.
Shoppers not converting? God’s probably punishing you for cheating on that second grade spelling test.
Why you shouldn’t tell customers to “suck it” on Black Friday.
If your small business doesn’t accept PayPal, you’re doing it wrong.

I didn’t write this one (I know. I’m sorry.), but I was quoted in it and that is super impressive if you don’t know how the internet works.
Santa knows what you did last summer.