it’s not mayan; it must be urine.

julie warshaw

love me some bert


So it’s Valentine’s Day.

Every day, I eat lunch and read the news. I read what’s going on in this country and then because I hate myself, I like to get current on what’s going on overseas (any sea). Haven’t picked up a paper lately? I’ll save you the trouble (and a time machine journey back to 2001); everything is awful and everybody hates each other. Also, we’re all gonna die. Any second now. But it’s Valentine’s Day. I will not deny the definitively romantic roots of the day (read a book, people); that being said, I think it’s OK to throw a little love for mankind in there. Take a second and think about all the selfless things that people do for each other that no one ever hears about. Every generation thinks it’s the end of the world. It’s usually not. Happy Valentine’s Day!

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