blink and you’ll miss it

julie warshaw

me and a dude in a wedding dress

The government is bubble-wrapping its kids. I probably wouldn’t have done much bike-riding growing up if I’d had to put on a helmet. Or shoes. Or if it had been referred to as “exercise“. (Exercise is PE; everything else is Playing Outside.) And while I’m not familiar with any statistics, I doubt the shift to rolling backpacks has thwarted what I’m assuming must have been a childhood scoliosis epidemic. My backpack weighed about the same as I did; it’s how I learned to lift with my legs. “Room for one more” in the car meant that there was literally enough room left in the back of the station wagon for one more kid (but just one). I started babysitting on my own when I was 12. Like everybody else.

I could go on, but there’s a million of these “repost if you drank from the hose and survived”-type posts roaming freely on the Facebook; so, i think you get the idea. I’ve just had it up to here with all these mandated school lunch stories that seem to be popping up.

Easy, Uncle Sam.

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