ADT can blow me

julie warshaw

julie warshaw

Stop making designer dogs. Stop making dogs, altogether. People are proud of spending two grand on a dog when they should feel embarrassed. I really don’t care how conscientiousness you are, as a breeder. You’re part of the problem. So-called “pure-bred” dogs make up an alarmingly significant portion of the shelter population. Misguided individuals throw down half-a-paycheck for a two-pound puffball that ends up biting four toddlers, two grandmas and the mailman. That Perfect Purchase is a yapping statistic on death row. As humans, we are where we are today because of dogs. Show a little respect. I sleep like a baby because of my mutt. Not because he’ll throw down (which he may; who knows? I don’t want to find out), but because he loses his friggin’ mind when anyone so much as walks by my door. And he only does that when I’m home. ADT doesn’t know the difference.

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