5B key party

As a result of questionable planning, I was granted the privilege of a long lunch today while my office was re-re-constructed on the west side of the building. Rounding the top of the stairs to my apartment, I came upon a pair of green lizards, mid-coitus. I tried to explain to them that I was cool with their decision to mate publicly and that I was just trying to get to my door, but it was to no avail.

Since then, I’ve started to feel violated about my forced amphibian sex-witness status. And I wondered if the green lizards do it with the brown lizards. I kind of think they don’t.

I’ve (regrettably) been a lizard sex-witness before, but I can’t recall anyone doing the swirl. If I cared juuuust a little bit more, I’d get to the bottom of it. Look up both types and (I’m guessing) discover that they’re actually two different genus and they’re not colorist, they just don’t want to have sex with a lizard version of the dog.

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