you do it, too

julie warshaw

immortal food

Pictures of food! The internet is flush with them. Did I say flush? I meant port-wine stained. Facebook themselves commented on the phenomenon during a recent presentation at the American Museum of Natural History. Posting pictures of food is so popular, there are entire websites dedicated to them, solely. The statistics are amazing. The most common perpetrators are women; though a lot of you guys are guilty, too. Desserts are the food-type featured most frequently; followed by vegetables. Dinner is the show-case of choice. Why are people taking pictures of their food? No one really knows. I understand why someone may take a picture of something they cooked; six hours in the kitchen for twenty minutes at the table has been a source of heartbreak for cooks since man brought fire inside. But takeout? Your Starbucks Frappacino? Publix cupcakes?? Why does this none-of-a-kind food item deserve immortality? I don’t know either.

I don’t generally post pictures of food, as a rule. (I tried it, wasn’t impressed one way or the other). But I click on yours. Every time.

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