you came to the wrong place for PG

julie warshaw

complete with swatch

I think the most upsetting thing about growing out of the Magic of Film was learning that scenes were not filmed in order. It was devastating. I felt like the characters who were meeting already knew each other. It was knowing Marcia Brady already went to the dance before she ever broke her nose. It was realizing that Mr. Belding had already forgiven Zack Morris and Mark-Paul Gosselaar hadn’t even skipped school yet. When it comes to childhood, Bert and Patty really brought it; magic-wise. I can recall several, heated, elementary-school debates wherein the legitimacy of Santa Claus was brought into question and I was adamantly pro-Claus, every time. I believed in all kinds of magical childhood loveliness longer than most. As a child actor (grain of salt, people), I was aware of lighting and makeup, scripts and the camera guy; I always assumed, though, that they filmed scenes in order. They don’t. They don’t even a little bit. Unless a main character shaves her head. Then Liv Tyler and Joey Lauren Adams really are BFFs until an unfortunate encounter with Rex Manning, diet pills and a mock funeral.

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