wrinkle in time

Yeah, I totally dropped the ball on this guys. I’m torn between offering to write 100ish Words a Day daily for an extra month or MOVING ON AND DOING SOMETHING WITH MY LIFE. (I kid because I love!) It pains me to bring the backwash of mundane reality onto my beloved site, but…eh, screw it. I took a break. What’s it to you? Moving on. How can I not address the civil depravity which is currently occurring on the facebook betwixt two opposing parties? I’m talking, of course, about Honey Boo Boo. I believe that Pumpkin is my favorite…but Mama is a (very) close second. I’m not condoning the encouraged pediatric ingestion of Red Bull and Mountain Dew. I’m not saying that it’s OK to neglect the skin between your chins or let a teacup pig shit on the table. I don’t judge; I just laugh. What’s worse, I find the entire family endearing…including Mama’s forklift foot.

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