julie warshaw, julie warsaw

WOMEN ARE FUNNY. Why has the gender gap extended to something so fundamental?!? My cause is a hopeless one. While many would argue that this an issue for the feminist movement; few would disagree that there is nothing funny about feminists. I’ve made grown men shoot whiskey out of their noses at inappropriate times with three words but no, women are not funny. It has been brought to my attention that I’m being laughed at/flirted with when my comments elicit laughs and, frankly, I’m over it. People like me dammit. And I’m not that good-looking. There are few issues less polarizing than the value of women in comedy; a rare consensus betwixt warring parties: women are not funny. So, stop indulging me. Your indulgence reiterates my flawed belief that my silly prattling is valued and hilarious.

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