why is my hobby what i do for a living?!?

it’s not too sweet. cranberry can’t be beat. canada dry, cranberry gingerale’s not too sweet. (everybody!) it’s not too sweet. (just the men!) cranberry can’t be beat…

Is there anything that Neosporin can’t fix? A cloudy gel that doesn’t hurt when applied. Neosporin, I salute you. Rash on your face? Neosporin. Cut on your arm from slicing yourself with your fingernails in your sleep? (Don’t ask) Neosporin. I can think of few dermal issues which have not elicited that response. The tube is yellow with turquoise, all caps writing. NEOSPORIN. Your kids can’t separate it with salt and get drunk. That should be their slogan. What’s their phone number? I’m going to call them…

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