we’re making a comeback. ish.

IMAG0956-1I have nothing literate and coherent to say. I’ve said little over the past few months; viewing my personal life personally and not opting to commentate. Also, the cordless keyboard in which I invested has proven to be less enjoyable than the laptop keyboard its purchase aimed at replacing. I appreciate the number pad on the right…but find too much resistance in regards to key bounce-back. This keyboard blows. IT BLOWS. hard. Does it blow as hard as me not posting a single new word in however many months? No. No, it probably doesn’t. But gosh, this is me putting it out there. This is me fulfilling my “word per whatevsies” article obligation and so, well, go me. Go. Me. And 120 words later? Go Me has a cape. And a following. And a tax shelter.

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