Untreated Adult Attention Deficit Disorder is A Pretty Lady Who Smells Like French Fries. Who Drove?

absolutely fabulous

So apparently there’s a shortage of ADD medication. (Or, to use the DEA’s vernacular, a “disproportionate distribution” of ADD medication.) Regardless, there’s less out there. Twelve-ish days ago, the shortage was announced officially. There were other medications which were in short supply, intravenous hospital-type medications, but the people in charge did whatever they had to do so those didn’t run out (something about life and death…I don’t know. I only skimmed the article and then I had to pee).

I don’t think the public understands the true impact ADD medication has on society, as a whole. Like deodorant, ADD medication is more for the people around you than it is for yourself. And it’s not just for kids; lots of adults need to sit in their seat and do their work, quietly, too. If this doesn’t get fixed, everyone needs to put their patient hats on. There’s about 9 million people out there who are going to stop finishing projects and start giving you detailed play-by-plays of programs they saw on TV last night.

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