this is not a parenting blog

julie warshaw

it's totally a green t-shirt

I absolutely love the “why?” game that children of a certain age are so fond of. This boundless curiosity is actually part of neurological development and, within a certain age range, is generally genuine. I find that Parker seems to spark this kind of exchange and have decided it’s how many children feel most comfortable engaging ‘strangers’. Kids who don’t get enough attention tend to play the “why?” card beyond its innate usefulness; it becomes a bid for interaction. Under the right circumstances, I will play the “why?” game until I see the universe with unbridled clarity and find myself interpreting Socrates in the language of Sesame Street. Then we break for a juice box. I go back to the adults and regale other childless 30-somethings with the wisdom I gained from explaining the meaning of time to a three-year old. The toddler goes back to the melee of children and advises them against talking to the crazy, red-haired lady with purple teeth.

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