stop naming your kids weird crap

julie warshawI hate today’s trend in naming kids. With all my black, little heart; I hate it. Made up names, androgynous names, traditional names spelled differently, last names as first names; it drives me crazy. Famous people have been naming their kids ridiculous crap since the beginning of time, but that probably stems from a sense of entitlement. When everyone knows you and wants to take your picture, it’s perfectly logical that you would assume you’re hot shit and decide that your offspring require names easily distinguishable from the general public. I can’t tell you when the naming trend for normal people began, but I feel like it’s gotten entirely out of control. We live in a world where Seven Costanza may not be the only Seven in the class. Kids used to get teased for being fat or named Dakota; now everyone’s fat and there’s three Dakotas and one of them’s a girl. So who do you ostracize? The smelly kid. Every time.

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