something about an anemic ninja

julie warshaw

this is a picture that has nothing to do with pauly shore

Son-In-Law came out NINETEEN YEARS AGO. I wish I were kidding. What’s-her-name was part of the class of ’93. It’s incredible. It’s indecent. It’s not fair. It’s been so long, her style (pre-90s montage makeover), is fashionable(ish) now. Granted, it’s an Ann Taylor kind of fashionable, but I digress. I feel like Pauly Shore’s humor in that particular flick is absolutely applicable today. Kind of. Parts of it are (Buuuuuuuddy). His name in the movie was Crawl; because, “that’s how I always got home”. Pauly refers to himself as The Weasel, now. I guess that’s OK. He’s 44 and he’s been The Weasel for awhile. If he still wants us to call him that, we probably should. He certainly looks weasely.

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