so…what did we learn?

julie warshaw, julie warsawMy new apartment is a few floors up, faces the street, and has a beautiful, south/east-facing fire escape. (And yes, it is amazing how the human brain confuses direct 5:30am sunlight with a reasonable time to get up. Thanks brain.) Given my premium people-watching vantage, I’ve decided it’s only fair that I share the wealth of information I’ve accrued.

Starting with middle-aged lady fashion.
If you’re over 40 and felt personally victimized by recent vitriol aimed at the ‘side part,’ let me put your mind (and hairs) at ease – no one cares. For now. Moving on.

The bad news is that skinny jeans really are “out.” If you’re thinking to yourself that you don’t have skinny jeans, let me ask you this: Are your jeans specifically something else? Boyfriend? Boot-cut? If the answer is “no,” congratulations! Your jeans are skinny jeans.

It gets worse. I’m seeing a lot of Young People wearing mid-rise, straight leg, high-waters and let me assure you, NO ONE looks good in them. They’re just a liiiiittle too loose to hug anyone’s curves and a liiiittle too tight to make the wearer look small by comparison. They’re a disaster. I say this every single time the popular cut for jeans cycles, but I AM NEVER WEARING THESE PROBABLY.

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