petroleum is fun!

julie warshawWatching TV today, I saw a hip, fun ad that I initially thought was a station identification for TBS. Then I thought it was a “truth” anti-smoking ad. Then I saw the URL at the end and realized it was an ad for petroleum. A zippy, new ad with an urban soundtrack, brought to you by your good friends at the gas company. And I’m sure the timing of this youth-centric piece of ear-candy has absolutely nothing to do with the recent gathering of folks insisting that they prefer their energy renewable. (yawn) I mean come on, science? Yuck. Science is for nerds. Today’s kids are too cool for that nonsense. They’re all about skateboarding and internet videos and fast forwarding climate change. Who needs polar bears or oceans when there’s a seven second clip of the heads on Easter Island singing four-part harmony, amirite?