mostly a list of things i don’t like

julie warshaw

stupid presidential fitness test

July 9, 2012

If everyone likes it, I hate it. If everyone hates it, I still hate it. I don’t like anything. It’s quicker to list what I do like than what I don’t. I like beer, cigarettes, Bert & Patty, my job, stray dogs and a handful of friends. I don’t like meat, sports, children, movies, exercise, Scientology, feelings, 2002, nature, department stores, Vin Diesel, fruit, glitter, Glitter, sneakers, techno, North Korea, cupcakes, methane, phone calls, holiday decorations, weather, pintrest, carpet, GPS, Spanish and ballroom dancing. There’s a lot of other things that I don’t like; but, creating lengthy, clever lists of things I don’t like is one of them.

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