most things are something

julie warshawYeah, I used to say hateful things about Miami. The climate, the traffic, the people. Mostly the people. (And the climate. And the traffic.) But now I’m old(er). There’s something to be said about having one wardrobe. I don’t own a single pair of socks, but I have 9 pairs of flip-flops. My grooming is contingent upon humidity. I’m ashamed of my pale 12 months a year. Hairy legs are a lifestyle choice and not a one-night stand in January. Having roved, there is something inarguably delightful about creating an adult life in the city in which you were born. So I say Bring It. I’ll be ashamed of my pallor on a daily basis and wear my hair up 10 months out of the year. I’m just glad I don’t have to put real shoes on.

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