milkin’ the cow! milkin’ the cow!

I started my day a few weeks ago by accidentally stepping on a lizard. This caused me to tearfully pull my car out of the parking lot and contemplate all the bad pet endings I’ve experienced, thus far. Because I was out of coffee, I had to stop at McDonald’s for a non-fat latte and was told they were cleaning the machine. I got my “American coffee” and as I waited for the light, I thought about what the morning’s events meant for my day. There’s a guy with a sign on the corner who sells water and his sign says something about a dead wife a couple of kids. I’ve meant to give this guy cash for awhile, but hadn’t gotten around to it (I appreciate someone who’s selling SOMETHING). I gave him a ten. I went to work and realized that my power bill was late and there was a high likelihood of arriving home to an apt with no electricity. I got home that day and everything was cold, bright and running.

When you help the homeless, God pays your power bill.
Pay it forward.

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