like eating clam chowder in the back seat

julie warshaw

it's not a tumor

Perhaps an indicator of having found the right profession; grammar is something to which I am dedicated with my whole being. For naught with regards to my wallet, my intense allegiance to all things grammatical borders on the insane. I’ve been warned against using words where “nobody knows what that means.” Repeatedly. At which point, I must deter momentarily from my proposed destination with this particular set of 100 words and say, How On Earth Am I Supposed To Know Which Words Other People Don’t Know?? I absolutely think that there are elements of my writing environment who are convinced that I am surreptitiously sneaking in ridiculous words for the sake of ridiculous words. I know all the words that I know, the same. It’s incredibly difficult to differentiate which ones other people know and which ones they don’t. Anyway, back to grammar. If I were to be a casualty in some kind of gang-related crossfire and on my last breath responded to the EMT’s frantic “they were shooting at who?!”; I would lean in and with a shaky whisper, reply, “…shooting at whom”

One response to “like eating clam chowder in the back seat

  1. pants part deux

    I think this one is my favorite. It really is who u are. U grammar whore u. We should all be as smart & creative as you doll.

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