life would be so much easier if i were a violent sociopath

julie warshaw

The analytics on this website yield some interesting information; most notably, search terms and country of origin. While my goal is to rank for my own name, it’s always interesting to see what terms led someone to arrive at my inane little page. Since May-ish, I have had numerous hits from a few countries in Europe for the term “Madeira Red-Light District” (which, incidentally, is the name of the post receiving the hits). One of the few posts that actually bears a title related to the topic of the blog, it does so in a very roundabout way. It’s about coming upon two lizards mating on the stairs of my apartment, located on Madeira Ave. Hence, Madeira Red-Light District. I did some research and discovered that one of the countries repeatedly searching this term has a city called Madeira where prostitution is legal. So I added an addendum to the post….

Madeira Red-Light District

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