life is great and everything is awesome.

julie warshawDude. Everyone here follows through on plans. Like, if you run into someone at Starbucks and they say, “let’s get lunch next week,” they will literally follow up with you next week to solidify lunch plans. In Miami, the approved greeting is “hi how are you.” It’s not a salutation followed by a question. It’s a statement. Bereft of punctuation and accompanied by a disinterested air kiss. In Miami, making plans is small talk. Instead of “I hear it’s going to rain next week,” it’s “I want you to be my daughter’s godmother, the ceremony is next week, call me, let’s do lunch.” and then you never hear from them again. My feelings toward the change are 97/3. It’s nothing short of short of amazing to realize that I can assume people mean what they say. On the other hand, a teeeeny tiny part of me misses the freedom of knowing that I’m probably being lied to. If I want to sit in bed, next to two sleeping dogs with a pizza on my lap at 10pm on a Saturday night, I have to do so willfully. I can’t rely on other people’s flakiness. It’s nuts. And I love it. Ninety-seven percent of the time.