leftover meat – skin deformity

julie warshawAlright, look. I’ve shared articles lamenting the effects of hashtags on language, as a whole. And no matter where we go from here, making up random phrases following a pound sign is hurtful to humanity and adequate reason to hate you (I won’t. But I may think mean things for several successive moments. IT’S A DIRECTORY, PEOPLE. One entry does not a directory make. But I digress.)

I’m conceding to the hashtag revolution. I blame Facebook, but only because my relationship with Twitter is tumultuous, at best (don’t tell ME how many characters I have left). A heart-felt conversation with Sammy Pants brought to light the efficacy of the hashtag in social media. Also, my brilliance craves a bigger audience. But mostly, it was my conversation with Sammy Pants. (It wasn’t.)

So, here we go. This started out as a Facebook status, but I’ve got a four sentence rule; anything longer is a paragraph and that’s not how we use Facebook. I think it’s time I provide the public with a larger distribution channel. I am opening my arms to the world wide web of folks who did not go to Gulliver. Bathe in my thought babies. BATHE IN THEM. And brace yourself for singular, painfully relevant hashtags.

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2 responses to “leftover meat – skin deformity

  1. Wherever you might go, we Gulliver plebeians will always find you!
    Wait…that sounded creepy. Also, I was shunned from Gulliver, so I can’t really be a plebe.

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