what else could you be doing?

julie warshaw

me, al and an unseen army of elementary school children

spent the day ramming my head into writer’s block and here i am sitting in front of a blank doc. again. WHAT DO YOU PEOPLE WANT FROM ME?! (took 5 days for eminem syndrome to kick in).  and besides, i spent the day writing and the evening shooting a “corporate testimonial”; let’s face it. it could be worse. how much worse? i could be greeting customers at the christmas shoppe; filing faxes for miami dade’s risk management company; answering phones for a downtown miami law firm; waiting tables for poor college students and cheap rednecks; painting borders on decorated tiles; assisting customers at copy max; manufacturing flashlight accessories; selling metabolife from a cart at the mall; busing tables for pinecrest socialites; living with a cabin full of 11 yr olds; filing full-time at a tissue bank; leading an after-school day care group; delivering pizza (loved that one, though!!!); implementing a new filing system for a law firm; coordinating workers’ compensation physical therapy; marketing diagnostic testing to insurance companies; assisting the closings department of a real estate development company; collating court reporters’ depos; submitting accounting paperwork at a law firm; orchestrating romance at a matchmaking call center; rating site-quality for a google subcontractor….

life is pretty damn good.



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