The Grammar Rebellion

julie warshaw

zeus hugs!

I strive to write in the “formal tense”; generally speaking. (I have a tendency to speak in the “formal sense” too, but moving on…). As such, I have gotten to the point where I’m questioning the validity of honoring grammar laws to which no one else seems to be adhering. When a colleague says you have a message and you say “From whom?”; that’s pretentious and annoying (I say it anyway.). But even when it’s written. No one really uses “whom” anymore. I read an article the other day touting the dubiousness of its use. It’s a new world and everyone just says what’s easiest, right? Unfortunately, I think the answer might be “Right.” Language doesn’t govern people; it’s the other way around. So “super” is an adverb. (Depressingly enough, ever since 1946.) “Whom” is confusing and unnecessary. Super confusing and unnecessary.

I don’t think I’m going to cave. I’m old enough to realize that sounding too smart is preferable to the alternative. Granted, one’s audience must be taken into consideration; generally speaking.

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