sacrifice ain’t what it used to be

julie warshaw

it's ok

Today is Ash Wednesday and everyone seems to be discussing what they intend to “give up for Lent”. Having been raised a good Protestant, I’m not familiar with the process. I do, however, find it intriguing. I’m given to understand that this Lent routine concludes Easter-ish and have hence been entertaining thoughts of what I would give up for a month and a half; were I so inclined. The surrender of Facebook appears to be quite popular.

Then I imagined myself telling a biblical figure that I was going to forgo casual communication with people I haven’t seen since I was 8 until a giant bunny-rabbit leaves me a candy filled basket and litters the yard with hard-boiled eggs.

I’m not judging (this glass house is so cracked, you can’t even tell if I’m throwing stones), but it sounds like 2000 years of evolution has had a minimizing effect on the renunciation of self. Without discounting the value of personal sacrifice; why sacrifice for the sake of sacrifice? There’s a lot of causes out there that could use a hand.

Eh, just a thought.

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