It’s Thanksgiving and Everybody Loves You

Oh, what the hell. I’m declaring to the world that this Thanksgiving, I am preparing the entire dinner, by myself, for the very first time. And I’ll be eating it alone.
It’s not as sad as it sounds. I’ve been busy. Real busy. I couldn’t make it to Bert and Patty’s this year and, while I love my friends and their invites, I’m not particularly interested in spending an afternoon at a friend’s great-aunt’s house, explaining that I’m a vegetarian and don’t like sweets.
But I want Thanksgiving too, dammit. So, I’m making it myself. I got all the stuff and I’ve already started preparing for tomorrow. I even got a friggin’ shrimp platter. Yeah, the theme of Thanksgiving is togetherness (unless you ask the Indians), but this year, I’m going literal. I’m just plain thankful. Life is pretty damn good.

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