in the final analysis

julie warshaw, jonathan warshaw, andy warshaw, job warshaw, randy warshawA Father’s Day conversation with Bert hit on his fondness for CSPAN2’s weekend book reviews. Apparently, from Midnight Friday through Midnight Sunday, CSPAN2 airs various authors discussing their work and being interviewed by assorted public television-type talking heads. Bert finds this weekend programming delightful. He recounted a particular author whose brilliance and wit were exceptionally noteworthy; comparing this individual’s writing experience to mine (specifically, because the author’s mother plays such an integral role in his successes). He wound down his story by describing the mother and telling me that she was always critical of her son’s writing and asked him the same question, every single time he wrote something. “Oh yeah? What did she ask him?” I said to my father. “Hehe! Well, I don’t know; I had something to do and wasn’t able to watch the whole thing. Anyway, it was great talking to you…”
I love you, Dad. You’re awesome.

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