i’m out of checks

julie warshaw

suck it, campbell’s

I think it’s time to get rid of the chicken in canned chicken soup. It’s not nice chicken. And it’s only white meat because that’s the color they bleached it. Even if you’re buying expensive chicken noodle soup, it’s still, basically, canned chicken. Gross. We know it’s a chicken-based broth with over-cooked vegetables, Mr. Cambell’s. You don’t have to float chicken-esq, pseudo parts throughout to cement that fact in our hungry little minds. When I’m sick, I buy your stupid soup and pick out the meaty parts. I pick them out and put them back into the can and throw it away. I’d give them to the dog, but he doesn’t like having the runs, either.

2 responses to “i’m out of checks

  1. Rio

    I’ve had the runs for days…as it was getting better I thought I’d ease back in with a boxed (canned) chicken & rice soup-organic and free range and filled with good things. Like cooked chicken skin. And chicken fat. I’m not even sure that this brand knows where to get the line on bleached-white canned chicken. It’s like they decided to use all the gross parts of an organic chicken. News flash…organic chicken skin and fat does not make a good chicken soup.
    On the brighter side of things, I no longer have the runs.

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