i love Little Dog’s smell

julie warshawI remember the first day I smelled her on me. I was at the office the day after Parker and I brought Annie home and I kept getting whiffs of something that I’d never smelled before, but just seemed so familiar. I realized days later that it was actually Little Dog. That was twoish years ago and I still cannot get enough of this little dog’s smell. It’s inexplicable. Her breath reflects the state of her teeth and she literally pees in her sleep, but she smells glorious. She smells like home and love and everything that’s good about the universe. But so does Parker! The difference is that I remember exactly where I was sitting and even what I was wearing when I noticed Little Dog’s smell. I’ve never smelled Parker on me and it’s probably because he’s the picture of health and not that smelly. But Annie is different. She stinks and I love it.

I’m sorry, what was the question again?

No, I don’t know why I’m single.