i have missed having a ladies’ room

julie warshaw

(so handsome!)

Body Image. I’m done hearing about it. Who cares what you think of yourself? Arnie Schwarzenegger traveled through time to save Eddie Furlong from the devastating consequences of a self-aware computer with poor Body Image. It doesn’t matter how you see yourself, you look how you look. Everyone feels bad when their clothes don’t fit. But look, if your size 2s are a little tight, you’re not fat; it’s just time to buy a 4. And the reverse is also true. If you think it’s time to go get that micro-mini you’ve had your eye on because your size 18s are falling off, think again. (But not really; you go girl!) There’s no sense in obsessing about it (yeah yeah, I’m talking to me, too). No matter how fat you feel, there’s nothing you can do about it tonight. So shower, shave, cover your shame and hey, maybe instead of inwardly berating yourself about your man-thighs, you can think of something interesting and note-worthy to say.

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