“i didn’t know that 1800 was twelve o’clock”

julie warshaw

julie warshaw

Why can’t my father make a grilled cheese? He can make a building, but he can’t make a grilled cheese. And he probably can’t make a building anymore. I’m sure he hasn’t learned how to make a grilled cheese. Even so, I work in a building he made and tell stories of the grilled cheese that he didn’t. (When I was a kid, Patty hurt her elbow and Bert figured he’d make grilled cheese for the kids by buttering the inside of the bread, throwing in a slice of cheese, putting the burner on high and assumed the sandwich would toast right through. He was wrong.) I’ll bet that 2012 Bert could make one hell of a grilled cheese; given the proper guidance and requisite tools.
Besides, it’s really hard to market an electronic cigarette company from inside a grilled cheese.

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