give peace a chance. or don’t. whatever.

julie warshaw, julie warsawWatching the “lost footage” in the John Lennon/Yoko Ono special, Above Us Only Sky, gave me all the expected feels. The magic of anything Beatle-y is undeniable. And I didn’t know about Yoko’s experiences as a kid, so I have new appreciation for her sunshiney rainbow art and why John Lennon dug it – let’s face it, were it my exhibit, the word written on the ceiling of the ladder and magnifying-glass piece would have definitely said “no.”

I also think it’s super nice that this very public, famous couple wanted to bring peace to the planet. There’s something really appealing on a very basic human level about “War is over! If you want it.” All of that being said…what an uninformed, self-indulgent load of crap. We don’t have war because people don’t want peace. We have war because Power and Greed had a bed-in of their own and realized that conflict fueled by fear-mongering and misinformation equals Big Profit. You wanna know when war is over? War is over when the only commodity left is water and we devolve into Tank Girl-esque anarchy right before everybody dies because earth can’t host carbon-based lifeforms anymore.