My grandfather used to make dollhouses. There’s a dusty, six-foot monument to his skill occupying the south-east corner of my bedroom. (A 32-year old single woman with a giant dollhouse and a cockatiel? Tell me more…) A decade or so ago, grandpa switched to stained glass. He’s awesome at it. There are numerous windows and countless lamps to his credit. I have one. It sits in my living room. When I unwrapped it, however many Christmases ago, I distinctly remember my grandmother telling me not to put a bulb whose wattage was higher than [I cannot for the LIFE of me remember!] watts. If I did, the solder would melt and the whole blessed thing would fall apart. Several years ago, I ran out of 40 watt bulbs and had to put a 60 in it. Every time I turned on the lamp, I turned down the dimmerjulie warshaw, patty warshaw, donald simpson about a quarter of the way. I know I’ve changed the bulb since then. I still turn down the dimmer. Just in case.

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