facebook is a sexist motherfu…

julie warshaw

I told fb that I’m male because having my personal information auctioned off for marketing purposes without receiving compensation is something with which I am not comfortable. The longer fb thinks I’m a guy, the more offensive I find its ad targeting. I changed absolutely nothing about my profile except my gender and now, instead of being inundated with new diets, half-price shoes and discount plastic surgery, my ads say things like “Does Capitalism work for you or against you?” I guess fb thinks that having lady parts precludes an ability to grasp economic concepts like Capitalism. My addled little girl brain can’t possibly handle anything beyond weight-loss and shoe shopping. If I was a big, strong man, I’d be interested in things like B2B commerce and political donations. But since I’m not, I should buy a juicer, fix my nose and go to the spa…you know, spoil myself.

Shh. Men are talking.

One response to “facebook is a sexist motherfu…

  1. Love it.. Good for you Julie.

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