don’t forget to say thank you

I love how the word “douche” has become a big part of our vernacular. There are few who, when pressed, would be able describe douche; what it looks like or consists of. Forget “douche bag”. No one under the age of 65 knows what that looks like. Except me. And a dear friend’s husband. I can’t remember why he knows what one looks like, but I can tell you that the ensuing discussion preceded formal introduction (welcome to the family, Mr. Horth). I know what a douche bag looks like because of South Park. The episode where a crap sandwich rivals a giant douche for the school mascot. The giant douche looked like the bottle of developer which comes with hair dye and I was confused. Where’s the bag? Thanks to Google Images, I was able to ascertain that a douche bag, whose manufacture was retired decades ago, resembles an old-school hot water bottle. Or Whoopee Cushion. I kind of feel like the slur “douche bag” has developed its own personality; independent of being a vinegar-filled Whoopee Cushion. But I could be wrong.

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