crab legs

julie warshaw
August 8, 2012

I understand that you’re trying to sell a product, but your commercials are really starting to climb up my shit list, Vagisil. Doubtless, there was a desperate need in the hooker community for your medicated to-go wipe, but women who do not use their crannies as a business plan don’t need to get thrown under the bus, too. You’re making all of us look bad. Sex, ladies days, soap; I’ll give you these. Even the most meticulous gal has had a pants situation which sent her screaming to the store for Yoplait and Diflucan. But now you’re blaming summer for an itchy crotch. Summer?! Look, your commercial calls it “the itch you can’t scratch” for a reason…it’s not supposed to be itchy. Not ever. If you’re baking bread just because it’s hot out, I don’t think a vinegar-soaked towelette is going to solve your problems.

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