cable killed my mother and raped my father

julie warshawAs much as My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding blew my mind; My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding has dressed me head to toe in taffeta and made me its brain-slave. Perhaps its due to the innately American view of UK accents as being Old Worldly, the Brit gypsies just seem more likely than their cousins in the USA. I find it interesting that I assumed the gypsies in England stole stuff, but immediately concluded the ones in this country are selling meth. I had no preconception regarding United States gypsy commerce; none whatsoever. But Priscilla’s dad talks a little fast. And he talks a lot. I find it incredibly interesting that American gypsies dress just as ridiculously as the English ones. Like life is one big toddler glitz pageant. Because I’m familiar with the laws in this country, I have lots of questions about American gypsies that TLC hasn’t answered. Do the girls drop out of school after eighth grade? I don’t think you’re allowed to do that if you’re not going to home-school. (Then again, I think you can do that if you’re Amish…maybe gypsies play the Amish card.) I just find it difficult to wrap my mind around the fact that girls, born and raised in this country, are getting married at 16. They’ve never kissed a boy, they’re not members of the Duggar family and they dress like flashy prostitutes.

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