by the way, my name is kevin, you’re reynoldo and we’re very much in love

julie warshawI get stuck for titles. And pictures. When I decided that I would write 100(ish) words a day, I didn’t realize that I’d be posting a unique picture, too. But pictures get clicks. So I got my bad-ass camera out this weekend and have opted to accompany my glorious, original words with glorious, original photos. As I approach my 120th ‘100 words a day’ post, I’m also finding that titles are becoming a little arduous. I’m less motivated to rectify the situation with additional artistic brilliance. I’ve gotten pretty lazy with my titles. The last 4 out of 7 have just been lines I heard on TV at the moment I needed a title. Oh wait, 5 out of 8; that’s how I titled this one.

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