boil water? what am i, a chemist?

julie warshaw

i’m running out of pictures. sue me.

Everything is updating all the time. My phone, my computer, printer; all of it. Why is my printer updating? I use it to print. Can it still print if I say “no” to the update? It can. So, what the hell, printer?! You too, iTunes. You are effing killing me. Oh sure, you pretend that you care about my opinion on your updates. You give me a box to check that tells you not to “remind” me about your arbitrary update, again. But you’re crafty. Checking that box only protects me from reminders about your iTunes 8.2 update. Five days later, when you create an iTunes 8.3 update, you are right back at it. Like I’ve had an agenda in refusing to install and telling you to shut-up about the past 47 updates. “Aha!” you think I’ll say. “Here at last is number 48! Yes! Yes, iTunes, I would like to install iTunes 8.3! I’m ready to not know where anything is and to provide you with better information you can sell to marketing companies.” You better watch your back, iTunes. I see you.

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