big daddy wants the money up front

julie warshaw
August 9, 2012

I took an anti-depressant (which I hated) for a few months. I have only once ever participated in a one-way glass focus group. Interestingly enough, the purpose of the focus group was to provide feedback on marketing ideas for an anti-depressant. It quickly became obvious to me that the medication they were pushing was the one that I took and hated. They didn’t use any of the commercial ideas I liked (I didn’t like any of them). What I find funny is that this particular product has the FDA go-ahead to claim it can treat the “aches and pains” which, I guess, they’ve decided are a symptom of depression. I didn’t like the medication because when I was having dinner as Sushi Maki, I got up to use the ladies room, made it halfway through the restaurant and fainted. Took a header and came to surrounded by strangers with my head in a floor drain. I almost broke a hip (or some other, more age-appropriate body part). So you know, screw you, Cymbalta.

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