better ingredients, better pizza

I found that, generally, the lovers of Meat Lovers pizzas have been lovers of many other kinds of foods, as well. Additionally, the larger the order; the greater the likelihood of the accompanying soda being diet. Though it may be argued that people who drink diet inevitably end up preferring its taste, one has to wonder at what point the transition was made. In my pizza delivery days, there was a gentleman whose girth exceeded the width of his front door frame and religiously purchased two XL Meat Lovers and a diet Coke. Was there a time when he ordered a thin crust veggie and a can of diet Coke? There may be. But I’ll argue that it doesn’t matter what kind of pizza you order, a diet soda does not making eating an entire pizza OK. A diet soda doesn’t make eating an entire anything OK (also, diet soda has aspartame and is rotting everyone slowly from the inside). For that matter, choosing ‘no soda’ doesn’t make a huge difference in the validity of your dinner choice. Water is good for you. (Unless it’s bottled water. Or water from your house in plastic that has those poison things. Good Lord, we are all about to die, aren’t we?). But even turning down the free soda that came with that value meal, doesn’t make your delightfully trans-fatty burger & fries any healthier of a meal choice. Trust me.

julie warshaw

deliverin' days

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