bath salts

julie warshaw

the fattest guy to ever be in a mcdonald’s commercial

Dear Infinity SUV commercial,
There has never been an instance where a family of seven have simultaneously piled into the family vehicle with smiles and seat belts. Never. For that matter, it’s time McDonald’s caved and admitted that a percentage of their customer-base has a BMI of more than 17. Wendy’s and Burger King have both featured some type of “every man” commercial, wherein the hungry public was shown more realistic patrons. Dave Thomas was not svelte. The King has provided fried-goodness for some fairly zaftig ladies. But not McDonald’s. Even when Mickey D’s takes it to the street, we’re treated to visions of slimmer-than-usual “street dancers”, getting down and greeting the day with a two-for-one Sausage McMuffin deal. Oh sure, they urge you to buy one and treat a friend, but then why aren’t there two bags?

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