you’re welcome, scott bakula

julie warshawI think that, of all the shows I’ve seen, Quantum Leap is the one I most regret not running marathons when I was younger. Oh sure, I’m aware that the Sci Fi channel runs late-night marathons fairly regularly; but I’m not nine anymore. At 32, I find Quantum Leap about as entertaining as I find Ellen DeGeneres. But as a kid! I would have given anything for a few consecutive, sequential Quantum Leaps. It’s like Law & Order where they run the beginning of the next episode directly after the one before it; with no commercial breaks. An old TV trick that works beautifully. But Quantum Leap did that organically. Well, maybe I can pay it forward. From now on, I’m targeting fourth grade classrooms. I’m chloroforming the teacher, barricading the door, and forcibly showing school children consecutive episodes of Quantum Leap. It’s the least I can do.

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One response to “you’re welcome, scott bakula

  1. My brother, Alex, and I were obsessed with QL, but I couldn’t sit through 5 minutes of an episode today… Hmph

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