Thanks, Anita!

julie warshawI’m not sure if Fiber One was trying to laugh at themselves before we had a chance to, but wow. Wow, Fiber One. I’ve never eaten a cardboard box. But I did at one point purchase Fiber One cereal and I’m pretty sure that I can officially check “eat cardboard box” off of my bucket list. That cereal is terrible. As a fiber aficionado, I can honestly say that Fiber One is unnecessarily awful. We all need more fiber, but Good Lord; you can put other ingredients in, as well. Just because it was mass-produced for the Plavix-taker in all of us does not mean they can’t throw in a berry. Or a nut. Seriously. Fiber One cereal makes plain oatmeal look like a Spanish Omlette. With extra ham. And a winning lottery ticket.

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