myspace throwback

julie warshawI love to think that a professional career as a writer has helped me to shape and mature my writing. I published this on MySpace on December 24th, 2007 and it sounds like I could have written it yesterday…

After being repeatedly subjected to various previews outlining the plot of an upcoming horror movie about people missing a call and then listening to a voicemail where they hear themselves die, i have a couple of questions. What if you never listen to your messages? Would you still die the next day, only you’ll have an inappropriate sense of security because, unlike everybody else, you didn’t know what was coming? Or what if you’re like me and you deleted the message without listening to it in its entirety because when you called your voicemail, you didn’t hear anyone at the beginning and just erased it figuring that someone’s phone had accidentally called you from inside their bag? Perhaps the same nameless being that had the foresight to record the audio of my death and send it to me some 24 to 48 hours before it happened, would also be privy to the fact that I tend to be more gung-ho about receiving text messages and provide its gory premonition that way. Of course, it would have to keep it to 160 characters…

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