eight heads in a duffel bag

julie warshaw

julie warshaw

The Sauce turned 33 yesterday. Better known as Saskia; she’s been a friend of the staff here at juliewarshaw.com for 21 years and we think she’s awesome. We met her the first day of seventh grade and were able to look past her bad hair and embrace her as the delightful person she was. Casual friends through high school, The Sauce has emerged as a major player in our adult years. We love The Sauce. She is the only person Parker greets happily every single time he sees her (if you know Parker, you’re aware of what an accomplishment that is). She’s got a sense of humor which defies her refined demeanor; she’s given us at least one-third of our wardrobe. Her strengths are our weaknesses, but she likes us anyway. She’s our emergency contact and our job reference; she has our spare keys and makes sure Molly and Charlie stay alive when we visit Bert & Patty. So here’s to The Sauce! Have one hell of a weekend and we’ll see your ass on Sunday!

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