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julie warshaw

julie warshaw

I’m pretty sure that even if I had enough money to pay someone to wash/blow-dry/iron my hair every friggin’ day, I still wouldn’t. Say they’re the best damn hairdresser on the planet. It would still take them at very least a solid hour from start to end. A whole hour?! I mean, what a pain in the ass. I want clean hair and I want long hair and there came a point where I had to pick. I picked long. Anyone with long, unmanageable hair will tell you that straightened hair looks better after you sleep on it. (Though, I’ll admit I’m beginning to think that’s just an excuse for dirty hair…which really further proves my point.) And I hear that, from a stylists perspective, dirty hair is easier to work with. Clean hair is nice, but is it worth 23-hour days? It’s not.

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